At Oasis Park, children’s parties are filled with fun, music, activities and games. Through our innovative ideas and suggestions, you have the ability to determine the type of entertainment you would like to offer to both children and their parents-chaperones.
The exciting activities that our facilities provide, offer the chance for adventure, creative entertainment and fun. Our mission is for children to have an unforgettable experience.

Basic information:

  • In order to schedule a children’s party, you must state your interest in time. A meeting with the park’s directors will follow as to ensure the arrangements are to your liking. The pre-booking of the park’s facilities is necessary.
  • Themed, DJ, karaoke, Christmas, Easter, Halloween parties, etc. can also be arranged.
  • The menu for your guests is provided exclusively by the park associated with caterings after agreement with the hosts.

In order to organize the perfect party for your child, for any information or clarification contact us by phone or email.
We look forward to meeting you and introduce you to our park’s facilities.

Sweet moments

Contact us to organize your party