1. Introduction

Welcome to http://oasispark.gr (from here on ‘website’), wich belongs to the company OASIS ACTIVITY FARM PARK SINGLE PERSON PRIVATE COMPANY, which is based on Grammatikou and Plapouta street, Karella, 19400 Koropi (from here on ‘company’). The website offers the opportunity for you to get informed about the Company and our products. In order for users to enjoy all that our website has to offer they must be adults. For more information on our policies we invite you to carefully read our Terms and Conditions of Use, the Personal Data Protection Policies and the Policies regarding cookies.

The use of our website means that you have fully accepted our Terms of Use involving its content. The Company reserves the right to make modifications at any given time without warning to the existing Terms of Use which will be set into motion from the moment of their publication. After the publication of the modifications, the use of our website means you agree to the new Terms of Use.

2. Content- Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

Our website’s objective is to provide information for the sale of products and services for the guests/users of the website. Here you will find passages, images and videos, pictures, logos, audio files (from here on referred to as ‘content’). The content of the website is classified as intellectual and industrial property of the Company and is therefore protected by the relative provisions of the Greek union and international laws.

For any use of the website’s content, other than private, the written consent of the Company is required as well as for any change, distortion, alteration, adjustment, translation and any other processing of content whether that is its transfer or publication.

With the reservation for any possible contrary conditions to the existing Terms of Use, the Company offers the users limited access and use of the website, according to which users may make use of the content for themselves and not for commercial reasons. No right is granted for the commercial use of the website or its content. The noncompliance with existing terms will result to the immediate, and without prior warning, removal of access where the Company holds the right to refuse access to the user.

3. Limitation of Liability

The information provided from this website has been checked and collected with great attention. However, even though the Company has tried to ensure that the content and information included in the website is complete, valid and accurate, the Company cannot guarantee or be held responsible for the accuracy of this information. The user has complete responsibility when using the website. The content of the website is provided to the users as such, without any form of guarantee and therefore the Company is not liable or guarantees its safety.

The company has taken every step possible to protect the website from malicious software/viruses etc.. The Company, companies connected to it and other parts that are involved in the creation and deliver of the content on the website and its function, hold no responsibility for any damages, direct or indirect, subsequent or consequent, positive or negative which may arise in relation to the website and regarding the ability to use it as well as for any inaccuracy, delaying or failure of use, interception of electronic communications from third parties or from computer software that transfer viruses or to any other errors or weaknesses of it.

4. Information deriving from third parties – Connection to third party websites

Any information deriving from third person parties reflects their personal views and beliefs. The Company holds no responsibility for such information.

This website may refer to, through the use of hyperlinks, to other websites which belong to third parties and are therefore not under the management of the Company nor can receive any interventions from it. The providers of these websites have complete civil and criminal responsibility for the safety and validity of the content and information which are included in their content. The Company cannot guarantee their availability and has no responsibility for their content, accuracy or correctness of their information, their legality, completeness and accuracy of information or for the quality and properties of their products or services. Therefore the Company has no responsibility for the content of third parties that are connected with the current website. The connection of the users to these external websites is made with their own responsibility and in any occasion, users owe to address the providers of those websites directly for any matters that may arise from their use.

5. User Behavior

When visiting the website, users should adhere to the guidelines set by the law and act in a way that does not interfere with others. Users of the website should comply with the rules and provisions set by the Greek, Union and international laws and to abstain from any illegal or abusive behavior that could have implications for other users or cause damage/malfunction to the website. In the event of illegal or against the Terms of use behavior that goes against the legislative framework of conduct, the user will be obliged to compensate the Company for any damage caused by their actions.

6. Invalidity of Provisions

In the event of one or more provisions included in the Terms of Use is deemed against the law and therefore invalid or void, they cease to exist without it affecting the validity of the rest of the terms.

7. Applicable Law & Jurisdiction

The existing Terms and Conditions of use, as well as any modification or addition to them, are governed by the Greek justice system. For any difference that may occur between the use of the website and the interpretation of the existing terms, the authority lies with the courts of Athens.

8. Contact Us

For any clarification or information regarding the use of the website, as well as any further information or request, the user can contact the company ‘OASIS ACTIVITY FARM PARK SINGLE PERSON PRIVATE COMPANY’, which is based at Grammatikou and Plapouta, Ano Karellas, 19400 Koropi, telephone number: 2106645963