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In Oasis Park, students have the opportunity to gain a unique experience through creative and recreational activities, with the main goals of expanding knowledge and raising awareness about nature and animals. With the help of our experienced instructors, students understand the importance of protecting the environment, as well as the environment-human relationship.


With respect to the needs, wishes and safety of the children, the actions are implemented in an authentic (natural), but controlled environment and are designed to strengthen the work of the teachers, promoting:
a) sharpening the spirit of cooperation
b) the value of team dynamics
c) differentiated teaching
d) skills’ development
e) the transformation of knowledge

Experiential Learning and Entertainment Programs

On school trips, children can enjoy a day full of activities, sports and knowledge, close to nature.

The environmental educational programs that students can attend, depending on the season, are as follows:

  • The harvest: learning about the vines, the grape, the must and the wine (September – October).
  • The olive “the ancient honored tree”: the experiential harvest of the fruit at the park’s olive grove (October – November).
  • The bee “the miraculous gift of nature”: learning about the society of bees and their secrets.
  • Fruit trees and their life cycle: learning about planting, flowering, fruiting and harvesting.
  • The aromatic plants: recognizing favorite smells from mom’s kitchen.
  • The almond tree: the first flower of Spring (March).
  • The silkworm: learning about the silkworm and its silk cocoons.
  • Composting: making compost “treats” for the plants.
  • Grains: learning about grains, milling wheat, flour and bread
  • The forest: learning about the forest, its animal world and the fire protection
  • Recycling and trash art: transforming recyclable packaging into creative art with my imagination

In addition, having as top priority the safety and protection of pupils, depending on your school trip program, children can enjoy activities such as:

  • Climbing
  • Archery
  • Pedal-karts on the specially designed tracks of the park
  • Pony or horse riding
  • Survivor” games
  • Farm walk: visiting the farm’s animals (feeding and grooming)
  • Team games on the courts (football, basketball)
  • Dancing
  • Music-kinetic games


Our aim is that pupils enjoy the nature and play, in an ideally designed environment for kids !!

Contact us, so that we can schedule the program of your excursion, according to the needs of your school!!

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