Interactive, Educational and Entertaining Programs – School Trips

Students in primary education are invited to expand their knowledge, have fun and gain new experiences through interactive and entertaining programs. Our experienced personnel will guide children through the facilities of Oasis Park, both indoor and outdoor, through which they will be met with fun, educational experiences.

With respect towards children’s wants, needs and safety, our activities take place in a natural and controlled environment, designed in accordance with school programs in order to support the children’s learning by promoting:
a) collaborative research
b) the importance of cooperation and team work
c) a different approach to teaching
d) the development of skills
e) the redefinition of knowledge
Our goal is to maintain students’ interests, inspire and raise their awareness on environmental and cultural issues.

Educational School Programs of Oasis Park:
A) Secret Agents of the Vegetable Garden (Activities in the vegetable garden)
B) Secrets of the farm animals (activities in the animal farm)

During school trips, students are entertained and given the chance to exercise through the varied activities of Oasis Park. Children can play football, basketball, volleyball and tennis in our designated courts, test their abilities in archery, experience the thrill of the rock climbing wall and flying fox, enjoy cycling on our specialized tracks, create in our crafts workshops and discover the hidden treasure in the park’s forest, the first of many surprises.
With safety being our first priority, our goal is for children to enjoy being in nature and playing in a carefully designed, blissful environment.
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