We offer our young visitors the opportunity to plant, water, grow and collect fruits and vegetables from our biological vegetable garden and fruit tree.

Our goal is to restore our natural connection to the earth, as an experience that stems from our childhood, which will lead to a harmonious life based on knowledge, sensitivity and responsibility.

Through the direct contact with nature:

  • Their senses are awakened by observing the natural elements and discovering their beauty.
  • They are confronted with agricultural challenges to which they have to find solutions.
  • They experience the natural transformations that come with the changing of the seasons.
  • They detect and observe the life cycles of plants and vegetables, from seeds up to when they are fully grown.

Children learn to:

  • Cultivate, analyze, describe and categorize vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers.
  • Adopt new nutritional habits.
  • Understand the technique of composting and become aware of environmentally friendly practices and sustainability.