The reason behind the creation of our own stables was our lifestyle choice to live among animals and in nature. Our estate was home to horses that left their mark on the Greek world of show-jumping.


As more animals joined us over the years, we now have ponies, donkeys, goats, rabbits, chickens and ducks all living together naturally, in harmony and freedom. Coming into contact with them is entirely safe as they are all healthy and have regular veterinary supervision. The satisfaction and fulfillment that comes from taking care and being of the animals is our motivation for wanting to share our farm with you.

Our goal is to offer children the opportunity to:

  • Learn the basic characteristics and habits of domesticated pets as well as their traditional role within a farm.
  • Observe the animals and actively take part in their daily care and feeding.
  • Raise their awareness about the protection of the animals.
  • Have their first experiences with riding ponies and donkeys in the field.