Upon your entry to Oasis Park and participation in its activities, you agree to the following rules and regulations.


– In order to maintain your safety and high quality operations, entrance to the park is permitted only during the park’s working hours, exclusively for those who have signed up, have booked a scheduled activity or have an appointment.

– All action and adventure activities take place under the supervision of a trainer and with the appropriate safety gear that we provide: helmets, knee pads, climbing belts, etc.

– The action and adventure facilities (wall climbing, bike path, pump track) which require the presence and supervision of specialized personnel, are only available during the programmed events listed on our website. Entrance at any other time is not allowed.

– Visitors are advised to wear appropriate clothing for the activities they have signed up for. In order to use the climbing wall or flying fox and for their own safety, children must have their hair tied up and any keys, sharp objects, items around their neck that could result to injuries must be removed.

The following are not permitted:

  • Under no circumstances is the harassment of other visitors tolerable. The park’s management holds the right to remove any visitor that causes a disturbance.
  • Pets. Service dogs of the park’s visitors are excluded.
  • Animal hunting and disruptive behavior towards bird nests, eggs and hatchlings (removal or destroying of) and overall destruction of the fauna.
  • Disposal of rubbish anywhere but the designated bins.
  • Damage, destruction or removal of equipment and gear from the park.
  • Photography and filming for professional, commercial or profit driven purposes without the approval of the park.
  • Parking outside of the designated area. The park holds no responsibility for loss or theft of items or other damages due to emergencies or weather conditions within the park and parking area.
  • The consumption of food and drink within the park other than that provided by the canteen or catering.

Safety and regulation rules are determined in accordance with Number 378/2017 decision of the Regional Council of Attiki. Oasis Park bares no responsibility for the non- compliance to the safety rules and regulations.

The park’s facilities meet all the safety and operation specifications. Activities and equipment have all the necessary certifications. It should be highlighted that in short distance of the park (approximately 1 kilometer) is the Health Center and within 800 meters the Fire Brigade station.

G.E.MI. number: 149166503000
We welcome suggestions and comments for the improvement of our services.