Oasis Park organizes Day camps and invites our young friends to enjoy a day filled with fun, games and creativity. Our Park is the perfect choice for when children are out of school as it contributes to the development and showcasing of their skills as well as giving them the opportunity to explore new experiences and expand their knowledge through our entertaining activities.

Our daily creative programs (09.00 am- 04.00 pm) are directed to children aged 6 to 12 and have been designed by our experienced educators. Our groups are kept small, up to 12 kids per group, and are separated by age. Kids participate in a wide range of activities:

  • Climbing
  • Flying Fox
  • Adventure Park
  • Dirt Bike (pump track) on a specially designed dirt course and the road surrounding the park / mountain bike
  • Horse riding lessons for beginners
  • Pool swimming
  • Group activities on sports fields
  • Watergames
  • Art
  • Gardening – Vegetable Garden – Farmers in action
  • Getting acquainted with farm animals (*)
  • Storytelling under the shade of trees
  • Musical events / Dance

(*) The farm animals are regularly controlled by a veterinarian.

Basic information

  • The first Summer Day Camp of 2023 immediately after the end of the school year.
  • More information about the detailed program and registration procedures will be available on our website in Spring 2023.